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ZED_Advantages of Owning a Vacation homeThe opinion is evenly divided among the general population on the subject of buying a second home.

While some recognise advantages such as a chance at savings on hotels and resorts and other weekend getaways, others are not so enthused about the idea.

Most folks brought up in middle class homes would do a double take at the thought of splurging money on such a grand scale.

But is it really an extravagance? Let’s find out.

It begins to make sense

Like most things in life, truth lies somewhere in between.

When examined impassionately, the idea of owning a second home does begin to slowly assert itself and looks to be an attractive option for anyone with necessary resources to afford one.

However, it is always a good idea to be able to justify the decision with the help of some informed analysis.

Let us consider a few influencing factors when buying a second home:

A chance for making investment in the right area

A property needs to be located in the right area.

It is a fair expectation on the investors’ part to see their investment grows in value.

Location is also critical from the point of view of resale of the property.

A chance at better and healthier lifestyle

Most city-dwelling folk lead a busy life and get to spend little time in their primary homes.

Stress can extract a heavy toll on a busy professional’s health.

A private retreat is just what the doctor ordered.

A chance to pursue a hobby

A private villa presents you with a number of possibilities.

Gardening is a great stress buster – you can also grow your own vegetables.

Just spending a few hours outdoors on the hammock with a good book can add years to your life.

A chance for safe investment

If your attempts at savings have been less than pleasant with other channels, real estate provides you with a relatively safer option.

Your investment can grow quickly with right property.

A chance to live out your green dream

At your private villa, harness solar and wind energy like you have always wanted.

Create a rock pond in your backyard and a garden in your front yard.

Keep livestock and pets.

Possibilities for eco-friendly living are truly endless.

Sustainable Development Model

Now that a clear case has been made out in favour of owning a second home – preferably a villa – you need guidance from right people as path to real-estate riches is not exactly strewn with roses.

Biodiversity Conservation India Limited (BCIL), the pioneers in the field of sustainable development, offer homes and villas based on Zero Energy Development (ZED) model at various ZED habitats located in attractive locations in Bengaluru, Chennai, Mysuru, and Coorg.

ZED Rainforest is the limited edition and exclusive project located in Kopatti Valley in Madikeri, Coorg, which ticks most of the points that make for an ideal vacation home discussed above.

All chalets on the campus are self-sufficient in energy needs and waste management to the maximum extent possible, but at the same time have incorporated modern and essential amenities in an eco-friendly way.

Comprehensive facilities management throughout the year means you don’t have to worry about maintenance.

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