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ZED_BenefitsofRooftopGardeningHow does the food we eat end up on our dining table?

Young kids might be forgiven for thinking food actually grows in supermarkets.

Only if it were that simple.

So what steps are involved until the food ends up on your table and how does it impact environment during the journey?

The concept of food miles is used to assess the environmental impact from the time of production of food until it reaches the consumer.

Farming sector in crisis

The distress in the farm sector owing to factors like excess rainfall, unavailability of farm labour, crop failure, and lack of minimum support price for the farmers’ produce is a concern, pushing up our monthly grocery bills.

And the food prices are destined to remain high.

Woes of common man

We worry about rising food prices and issues like environmental degradation in equal measure.

We also worry about our health and the quality of food we are feeding our children. Changing climate has resulted in an increase in use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

Enter rooftop supermarkets

Residents living in individual homes and apartment complexes can put open spaces to good use by creating green havens that can supply them with organically grown vegetables round the year.

Urban rooftop gardening is not just another passing fad, if the number of people who’ve taken it up recently in all parts of India is any indication.

In fact, the latest trend is to go for bigger terraces to be able to indulge in this new hobby.

Benefits of rooftop gardening

  • A good hobby to pursue to keep yourself fit and mentally alert.
  • Increased oxygen supply around your house.
  • Lovable daily visitors like butterflies and small birds.
  • Kitchen waste can be disposed off by using it as manure for your garden.
  • Self-sufficiency in your vegetable and fruit needs and access to pesticide and chemical fertilizer free farm fresh produce.
  • You could produce organic vegetables for as little as Rs. 0.50/Kg with rooftop farming, cutting your monthly grocery bills by as much as 30-40%, depending on your diet .
  • A chance to donate, barter or sell your excess produce with the community.

Zero food miles

With rooftop gardens, you can gain access to a part of our diet by eliminating or reducing the need to drive, use of plastic packaging and depend on civic bodies for waste management.

That’s zero food miles in action – a flourishing rooftop garden with unlimited bragging rights!

ZED Zone

Biodiversity Conservation India Limited (BCIL), the pioneers in the field of sustainable development, offer homes and villas based on Zero Energy Development (ZED) model at various ZED habitats located in attractive locations in Bengaluru, Chennai, Mysuru, and Coorg.

With Zone luxury apartments in Yelahanka, ZED go a step further in making our homes more and more self-reliant.

We are introducing roof top gardening for the first time that will showcase urban rooftop farming on a 600 sq mtr patch.

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