5 11, 2014

India Inc turns sunny side up

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Invests More In Solar Technology To Improve Productivity Fed up with constant electricity cuts and government-enforced “power holidays“, IT firm ValueLabs has turned to the sun beaming down on its head office for help. In July, it finished building a 13 megawatt solar plant -enough to power 6,000 homes -to keep the lights on and computers humming for more than 3,000 employees at its base in Hyderabad. It is even selling surplus electricity back to the grid. “We plan to use the entire quantum of power generated from these plants in the coming years for our existing and upcoming campus,“ [...]

4 10, 2014

Every time the sun shines and the wind blows, your home hums with power & water . . .

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These zero-energy villas offer all that any home does. And they offer more. They harvest the sun and the winds to power homes. These deep-eco villas catch water from the skies and feed home supply needs. They produce water from air for drinking and cooking needs. Zed Earth villas don’t depend on city infrastructure for energy, water or waste. Every home is air-conditioned but with systems that let you breathe the sky. Casablanca homes from Rs.1 cr to 1.2 cr as pre-launch prices. 30 signature version limited edition townhouses. Located on Doddaballapur road towards Yelahanka. Areas and floor plans can [...]

30 09, 2014

Ghost power can bust us

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Can you save electricity by turning off your TV set? Not really. When you press ‘off’, most modern TVs, DVD players, and other electronic devices don’t really shut off. They go into a standby mode. That means they are still using electricity. Those blinking lights and digital clocks are still using energy. They call it ‘ghost power’. When your computer goes to ‘sleep’, it is still using electricity. Many people leave their computers in sleep mode all night long so they won’t have to wait a few seconds for them to come on in the morning. Computer printers also use [...]

18 09, 2014

This one works at one-tenth the power!

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An Australian Inventor Tom Chalko has been living a sustainable lifestyle for years. He powers his home with solar energy as much as possible and avoids all energy-hogging equipment. His fridge, however, was one aide he couldn't part with. He noticed that even the most energy-efficient fridges in recent times consume about a unit a day of energy a year. Tom looked at the conventional chest freezer one day, and an idea struck. The cold air in the fridge is heavy, and therefore settles down at the bottom. Every time a conventional fridge is opened, this air escapes out. What [...]

13 09, 2014

Get the freeze to work smarter

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What can you do to make that refrigerator at home efficient? After lighting and fans, the refrigerator is the single largest energy guzzler in India. You’d be surprised at how much energy you can save by simply following a few do’s and don’t’s. Set the temperature only as low as needed. Don’t put anything hot in the fridge—allow food to cool to room temperature first. Place the fridge in a spot that is not too congested, to allow hot air to circulate away and keep the fridge from retaining heat. Defrost before the ice grows more than quarter-inch thick. Ensure [...]

30 08, 2014

We’re running out of gas

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It's quite a simple theory. The glass starts full and ends empty, and the faster you drink it the quicker it's gone," says Colin Campbell, the head of the London-based Oil Depletion Analysis Centre, talking about how much longer our world's petroleum reserves are going to last. While driving your car or two-wheeler, or sitting in a bus, trudging along with the traffic, has the thought ever crossed your mind, "How many years from now will petrol or diesel last? Will I still be able to drive this car, say, twenty years from today?" The answer is, shockingly, probably not! [...]

25 08, 2014

The three dollar LED bulb!

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Researchers at Cambridge University have come up with a revolutionary LED design that uses low-cost gallium nitride grown on silicon. Before this, that particular man-made semiconductor could only be grown on sapphire wafers. What's so revolutionary about it? 1. It uses just one fourth of the electricity conventional lighting does. 2. It costs a mere $3, due to the elimination of expensive sapphire wafers from the production process 3. It is completely mercury-free, leading to greatly reduced pollution levels 4. It lasts for 100,000 hours, which is many times what a conventional LED lamp delivers today. Its release in international [...]

24 08, 2014


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Have you ever wondered, precisely how much energy does an LED light source save, when compared to its contemporaries? Here are the calculations: One standard LED lamp lasts for 25,000 hours of light emission. It would take 3 CFLs or 25 incandescent bulbs to produce light for an equal amount of time. Even considering that LED manufacturing plants have a 50% yield rate, that is, only 50% of the LED lamps produced are sold and used, when the final calculations are done, these are the results: Energy needed for each of these units are: 1,500 kWh for incandescent bulbs, 320 [...]

22 08, 2014

Salty Solar

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Everyone knows what the biggest problem with solar power is: unreliability. On some days, the sun shines forth in all its glory, and on others, we can hardly see it at all. And even if one lives in a sunny spot, we can harvest the sun's rays only during the daytime. What if it was possible to enjoy the sun's power round the clock? It's possible, says Terry Murphy, president of SolarReserve. His company has built a plant which absorbs the sun's energy and transmits it out, twenty four hours a day. How do they do it? They use the [...]

25 02, 2014


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Projected increase in production in six sectors will put a severe stress on India’s freshwater resource. In 2008 the six sectors together withdrew about 41.5 million cubic meters of freshwater [a cubic meter is 1000 litres]. This is equivalent to freshwater demand of one billion people on a daily basis at a low per capita use of 40 liters per day. All industries will consume 5600 million cubic meters freshwater. This is more than water required for drinking and cooking of over one billion people on a daily basis. Industries discharged 36 million cubic meters of waste water which in [...]