7 12, 2015

How Sustainable is Your Home?

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The Early Warning Signs Humans have finally realized that natural resources are finite and our planet is under increasing pressure from the effects of senseless exploitation of natural resources to meet the needs - often extravagant- of a burgeoning population. The warning bells have been ringing for a while now. Our modern lifestyle has contributed greatly to rising temperatures, a depleting ozone layer and an acute scarcity of water. The disappearance of the sparrow, a common presence in our midst until a few years ago and the continued drought like conditions in California are the two clear signs of things [...]

30 08, 2014

It’s the TV Turnoff Week!

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You may find this hard to believe: there are as many 70 different days of the year that are celebrated every year across the world, with all of them having one thing in common: the environment. One of them, falling in the last week of April, is what is called the TV Turnoff Week! Pause for a moment: have you ever taken a long 'TV-free' vacation? And, well, did you miss your favourite show? Or did you, happily, discover other things you were missing: time with family, time to think, time to read, doing things yourself instead of watching people [...]

30 08, 2014

Tussle with Nature! at school.

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Here is a school where the teacher’s actually encourage the children to go have a tussle with nature, to go feed the fishes when bored! That is not all, Aman Setu School; set up by Madhavi Kapur in Pune is a school that claims to be eco-friendly in every way, even made entirely from recyclable materials. The few buildings that it has are made with disposed sand and cement bags and old advertisement boards. For the walls, they have used the age-old method of plastering with cow-dung, water and mud. This serves a double purpose of keeping the rooms germs-free [...]