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Among the slew of scams that are coming to surface in recent months is the new Black Scam that broke out this week : of a Rs 40 lakh-crore scandal that goes right up to the PM Office and involves the rich coal belts and the potential destruction of large forest tracts for mining. It reminds us of Ecuador’s successful effort last year to rewrite the very Constitution and approve articles that recognize rights for Nature and Ecosystems. Some of the important clauses now included in the Constitution are : •Every person or community will have the right to demand the recognition of rights for Nature •In cases of severe or permanent environmental impact, including the ones caused by exploitation of non-renewable energy sources

[like coal], the State will establish the most efficient mechanism for restoration, and will adopt adequate measures to eliminate or mitigate the harmful environmental consequences. •The State will motivate juridical persons and legal officers, as well as collectives and communities to protect Nature; it will bring respect towards all elements that form any sensitive ecosystem •The State will apply precaution and restriction measures in all such activities that can lead to extinction of species, the destruction of ecosystems or of permanent alteration of natural cycles. The Constitution amendments were made after a countrywide vote for approval. About time we thought of doing something as dramatic to protect the few forests now left in the country. The blowout sale of such forests with licences given to coal and other mining companies need to be stopped at once. 315 large companies today hold licences for coal mining for nearly 25 % of all of India’s coal reserves
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