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Can you save electricity by turning off your TV set? Not really. When you press ‘off’, most modern TVs, DVD players, and other electronic devices don’t really shut off. They go into a standby mode. That means they are still using electricity. Those blinking lights and digital clocks are still using energy. They call it ‘ghost power’. When your computer goes to ‘sleep’, it is still using electricity. Many people leave their computers in sleep mode all night long so they won’t have to wait a few seconds for them to come on in the morning. Computer printers also use electricity all the time, even when they are not printing. There is a massive waste of power that we are making for. The worst offenders are dvrs—the digital tv recorders many people use. Even when it is ‘off’, a dvr can use 50 watts of power. It’s like leaving a light bulb on 24 hours a day. TVs and printers and DVRs are designed this way to make them easier to use. They can be designed differently. Until they do so, the best you can do is to switch them off at the mains to ensure they stay turned off. You could help. By ensuring every one at your office switches off the PCs at the Mains before going home. And getting your children to ‘see the ghost’.

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