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The base for all induced consumption patterns seems to lie in the fact that people are further getting distanced from producing for their own needs. What gets produced by the producer seems to be better than what one can produce by oneself. We can travel less, grow our own veggies with a neat terrace garden, dispose less, use less disposables, use organic food and reduce the chemical load on our rivers and water bank, avoid using virgin wood, use recycled paper and other materials. We could also get smart and create a consumer-positive market, like the Japanese businessman Takuhira Kanekowho took discarded sea fish, formulated a paste out of them and sold them as cakes and frozen cubes! In short, we must stop working for those who produce, and stop paying for what they make the rest of the world produce, and start producing ourselves, while we make ourselves need less what we cannot yet produce locally. Game anyone?

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