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There was a time when the word ‘farming’ brought up visions of fields on end filled with swaying green crops, hardy farmers moving through them, spending long hours of hard work watering, harvesting, fertilising. Somehow, it was an activity totally restricted to the vast fields of land in the villages of the world. Of India’s 2.94 million sq km of land mass, approximately 1.1 million sq km is used for agricultural food production. Recent times have seen the birth of a revolutionary kind of farming, completely opposing this conventional picture. Urban farming, rooftop agriculture, kitchen gardens, etc., are the new face of agriculture. Of course, urban agriculture is by no means a modern practice, as is evident from the 4.9 hectares of area dedicated to terraced farming at the Lost City of the Incas, Machu Picchu. Imagine the vast potential of ‘vertical farming’: We could potentially reduce India’s agricultural land to 110,000 sq km and increase forest cover to a maximum of 1.7 million sq km! What exactly are urban farmers in India up to! Watch this space tomorrow.

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