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How do we save energy in every area of our lives—at home, in our offices, our factories, hotels and hospitals? We read sometimes of energy savings being tried out in cars and other vehicles. So what can the government do, what can you influence within your workspace, to make efficiency one of our biggest tools in the fight against hurting the planet. Remember that every MWh of power we use means 1 ton of coal that is extracted in some forest land. A city like Bombay alone uses 30,000 MWh a day while Bangalore’s consumption is at 18,000 MWh. India produces about 130 million tonnes of ash every year. We are using up 300 million tonnes of coal a year. You save energy, you save our forests. Our rivers have no life without the forests. If our manufacturing industry brought energy efficiency in their factories, we will save about 20 per cent of energy. Our buildings—both existing and new—can save about 30 per cent energy. Use of water means use of energy. So the deeper you go underground to draw water, greater the energy you use. Should we then ban borewells, and rely on our pursuit of systems that deliver water at the shallow aquifer with open wells? Thousands have shown that this is viable. How do we get all of us to tow the line? Reflect on it. Have a great day!

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