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An Australian Inventor Tom Chalko has been living a sustainable lifestyle for years. He powers his home with solar energy as much as possible and avoids all energy-hogging equipment. His fridge, however, was one aide he couldn’t part with. He noticed that even the most energy-efficient fridges in recent times consume about a unit a day of energy a year. Tom looked at the conventional chest freezer one day, and an idea struck. The cold air in the fridge is heavy, and therefore settles down at the bottom. Every time a conventional fridge is opened, this air escapes out. What if a fridge were to open at the top? Would the cold air at the bottom remain inside and thus save energy? He then built a prototype of a top-opening fridge and to his surprise, found that it uses only 0.1 kWh a day! That’s one-tenth the energy consumed by the most ‘eco friendly’ fridge in the market today. Well, the first thought in your mind would be that its use would be unwieldy: how do I take things out of the box if they are too deep inside? How do I store different things in different compartments? Those are process challenges that a smart designer will know how to overcome is my guess.

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