Luxury Villas in Bangalore

Some of the reasons for our being are disappearing.

Overabusing the natural resources will only accelerate the disappearance. But, at ZED, every home is designed to reduce the abuse of vital resources with clean and green technologies. Our bottom line is about offering globally acclaimed homes, home appliances, and an entire class of energy-efficient services.

Come. Share the zero energy experience... Walk the other road.

Based out of Bangalore, ZED homes are an embodiment of luxurious but sustainable urban living in India. With 33 awards from 10 countries, 3 continents over 10 years. We have completed 1.5 million sft of luxurious residential communities in Bangalore & Mysore and are developing another 2 million sft of villas, apartments and plotted development in North Bangalore, Mysore, and upcoming areas in OMR Chennai.

ZED homes don’t depend on the city for fresh water, managing waste and energy. ZED’s vision for a zero energy development is to stop and where possible, reverse the damage caused to nature. ZED’s commitment to environmentally responsible habitats gives you the right to live in environmentally healthy communities.

Currently in Bangalore we have 4 bedroom luxurious villas – ZED EARTH and ZED WOODS a 60 apartment community. Our finest standards of business practices make all our endeavors a success. Amenities have been thoughtfully included in each luxury villa and apartment to ensure a luxurious lifestyle.