We craft homes that are independent of the city’s fresh water grid and of borewells, we self-manage waste, and go beyond making  houses to providing game-changing living solutions.

BCIL was founded in 1995 when the word ‘green’ meant no more than a colour. Chandrashekar Hariharan is an economist who worked on watersheds before launching BCIL. Our mission is to build sustainable habitats. We have created over 2000 homes in Bangalore, Chennai and Coorg over the last two decades without compromising on comfort, luxury or convenience.

Our record for building quality homes is powerful testimony : T-ZED, an earlier creation, has been rated the best place to live in, by a vote of residents across Whitefield in east Bangalore; ZED Collective has been awarded the highest platinum rating, post-construction. ZEDEarth, too, has been awarded the highest rating by far by GRIHA, a govt agency for green rating.

Our pioneering in green buildings has been recognised with 42 awards from 10 nations in the last dozen years.

Come and discover what we offer. We provide luxury …that does not cost the earth!